Meher Ramesh increasing emotional dose for Chiranjeevi

At the point when Mega Star Chiranjeevi gave a green sign to Meher Ramesh to direct one of his movies, everybody asked why Chiranjeevi accepted the danger as Meher Ramesh has tasted numerous catastrophes.

However, Chiranjeevi is known for his flawlessness and he has offered the opportunity to Meher Ramesh for his sharp taking, and since the venture turns out to be a Vedhalam remake. Meher Ramesh previously began dealing with the project and talks are that he is doing many mass rises in the movie.

Meher Ramesh previously went to Kolkota for a test shoot and shot Dasara celebration live visuals spending an incredible Rs 30 lakhs. Presently inside talk is he prepared an amazing script for the project. Reports came that the producers concluded Keerthi Suresh for the role of Chiranjeevi’s sister. They are paying an astounding Rs 3 crs for her as the remuneration. Rumors are that Meher Ramesh raised the sentiment in the remake as it plays a vital part to transform the film into a success in Tamil.