Manchu Vishnu In Support Of Heroines, Especially Samantha

Now a days many in the media and all and sundry start youtube channels and then come with gossips targeting heroines in order to get TRPs and hog the media limelight. They come with shocking titles signaling heroines affairs, divorce and other rumours. However, they do not come with any disclaimer that there is no proof for their stories.

After Samantha’s divorce, many youtube channels came with stories and videos that are of derogatory of nature and tarnishing the image of the celebrity. Samantha even approached court seeking legal action. In the midst of all t his , Manchu Vishnu new president of MAA came in support of heroines and Samantha

Speaking to scribes, he said “They keep the thumbnail headings in nasty way. We have already started discussions with channel owners. They go no where. We can track anyone. We establish a legal cell and will certainly take legal action on yellow journalists. MAA wouldn’t spare the youtube channels those do nasty things to increase their viewership”