Mahesh Babu’s Words Hurt Me, Says SJ Suryah.

SJ Suryah is a renowned director and actor in Tamil cinema. He came into the industry with the aim to become an actor but turned director and scored some big hits. He gave Pawan Kalyan the biggest hit in his career in the form of a Khushi movie. Nowadays, he’s busy as an actor and hasn’t been directing any movies.

After directing Pawan Kalyan, SJ Suryah worked with Mahesh Babu on the Nani movie, but the movie was a big disaster. Talking about it, Suryah said, “I do feel bad all the time for not being able to give a hit film to Mahesh Babu. Back then after the film’s release, Mahesh praised me for the hard work I’d done for the film and said that he appreciates my work irrespective of the result. That revelation by Mahesh pained me more”. He added that if any day he feels like quitting acting, then he will do a film with Mahesh first.

Later, Suryah acted as a villain in Mahesh Babu’s Spyder movie which was directed by AR Murugados. Currently, he’s busy as an actor.