Mahesh And Pawan Disappoints Their Fans

The festive spirit of Diwali brought anticipation and excitement for movie enthusiasts eagerly awaiting updates on their favorite stars’ upcoming films. However, both Superstar Mahesh Babu and Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans experienced disappointment during the celebrations.

Hopes were high among Mahesh Babu’s fans for a special Diwali release of a poster for “Guntur Kaaram,” but unfortunately, it did not materialize. Similarly, the tease “Firestorm is coming” from the makers of Pawan Kalyan’s “They Call Him OG” generated excitement, yet a poster failed to emerge even as fans waited until midnight.

As for the film shootings, “They Call Him OG” is currently on hold due to Pawan Kalyan’s political commitments, while Mahesh Babu is actively involved in the shooting of “Guntur Kaaram.” Stay tuned for further updates on these much-anticipated projects.