MAA Elections Highlights

MAA Elections were held yesterday and it is known that Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu and their panel members during the campaign indulged in verbal attack targeting each other personally. Pawan Kalyan became the first person to cast his vote and said the media is giving too much importance to MAA elections which have only 900 votes and after that Mohan Babu who was there took Pawan Kalyan aside and both held some discussions. Their snap also went viral on social media.

Prakash Raj tried to touch Mohan Babu’s feet but Mohan Babu avoided but just patted his back. Chiranjeevi cast his vote and said he voted as per the conscience. Balakrishna said he loved the intensity and said both Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu are like brothers and he voted to those who will do good. Poonam Kaur voted and said she requests all to prevent politicians take advantage of actors. Brahmanandam came and barged into the booth with lots of ballot papers and one doesn’t known whom he voted. Hema bit the hand of Siva Balajiu. As tensions flared Mohan Babu threatened to kill the opponents. After winning the elections, Vishnu was moved to tears and hugged Prakash Raj. Naga Babu shocked by resigning from the MAA membership.