Starring: Santosh Shoban, Faria Abdullah, Brahmaji, Sudarshan, Naren, Mime Gopi

Director: Merlapaka Gandhi

Producer: Venkat Boyanapalli

Music Directors: Praveen Lakkaraju, Ram Miriyala

Cinematography: A Vasanth

Santosh Shoban, the son of veteran director Shoban has been doing some good movies of late and has a good following among the youth. He teamed up with Merlapaka Gandhi of ‘Venkatadri Express fame for comedy entertainer ‘Like Share and Subscribe’ which also features ‘Jaati Ratnalu’ fame Faria Abdullah. Lets’ see if the movie meets up the expectations or not.


Viplav (Santosh Shoban) is a travel vlogger who is desperate to make his YouTube channel Guvva Vihari more popular. He teams up with the cameraman Sudharshan and heads to Araku valley for coverage. There he meets another popular vlogger Vasudha Varma (Faria Abdullah) whom Vipul considers as his inspiration. However, he tries to outsmart her, and in the process they both land in serious trouble. What is that trouble and how did they come out of it forms the story.


The biggest plus point in the movie is the lead actor Santosh Shoban. He impresses again with his acting and is a treat to watch throughout the movie. His comic timing and dance movements are pretty good.

Faria Abdullah gets another interesting role after ‘Jaatiratnalu’ and she impresses once again. Apart from the lead pair, Sudarshan and Brahmaji get more screen space and they did their best.


The biggest drawback of the movie is the wafer-thin plot. The story gets dragged unnecessarily without a proper screenplay.


Though the movie’s plot is quite unique and connects to the current generation, the uniqueness lasts very short. The Naxalites’ flashback confuses the audience and soon it turns into a parody with the entry of the Jabardasth gang. The movie is more like a pale TV comedy skit. The entire kidnap drama tests the patience of the audience.


On the whole, ‘Like Share and Subscribe’ is a disappointing movie. Despite the best efforts from the lead pair, Sudharshan, and Brahmaji, it’s a tedious watch.