Lady Manager Controlling This Hero?

In Tollywood, rumors of an up-and-coming hero and his overbearing manager have been circulating around the industry. Apparently, the hero’s career has hit a standstill ever since the manager joined him, with no successful films to speak of.

According to insiders, the manager is the source of the problem, as the hero defers all decision-making to her. Producers are forced to listen to her long, drawn-out phone calls and are unhappy with her level of control over the hero’s career. They have also complained about her behavior on set, where she will halt filming if she disagrees with a scene or feels that the hero’s portrayal is incorrect.

The manager’s behavior has become a major topic of discussion among those in the industry, with some producers even resorting to alternative means to contact the hero to avoid dealing with her. Her influence over the hero has raised eyebrows, and some wonder if it’s time for him to take control of his own career decisions.