Is Mrunal Thakur Taking Tollywood For Granted?

The promotional buzz around a film’s release usually involves whirlwind tours and media interactions to create anticipation. Recently, the team of “Animal” has been extensively promoting their movie in India, resulting in massive openings. However, discussions in Film Nagar are focused on an actress rumored to be causing trouble for producers.

From the start, there have been reports that Mrunal Thakur, who gained fame with “Sitaramam,” hasn’t allocated enough time for promoting “Hi Nanna.” While Nani, the lead actor, has been actively engaged in interviews for the past 20 days, Mrunal’s limited availability has raised eyebrows. During Diwali, while Nani was promoting the film, Mrunal was spotted at parties in Mumbai, leaving fans surprised and questioning her absence from the film’s promotional activities.

Adding to this, she is set to fly to the USA for the shoot of “Family Star” in the next few days, leaving no room for “Hi Nanna” promotions. Consequently, due to her unavailability in Hyderabad, Dil Raju had to relocate the song shoot for “Family Star” to Mumbai recently. This discrepancy in her availability, favoring Mumbai shoots over Hyderabad appearances, has raised concerns within the industry.

If such situations persist with Mrunal, it could potentially send negative signals to Tollywood, causing producers to reconsider their involvement with her and exclude her from future projects.