KGF 2 – Vakeel Saab battle imminent this Sankranthi?

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Movie theaters in the twin Telugu states are expected to re-open on the 15th of October and quite a few films are gearing up for release next Sankranthi holiday season.

Interestingly, we might see a head-on clash between KGF 2, and Vakeel Saab next Sankranthi.

Both KGF 2 and Vakeel Saab are in the final phase of shooting and post-production works are going on simultaneously. While the final cut of Vakeel Saab is likely to be readied by the end of November, KGF 2’s final cut will be locked by the mid-December.

The makers of KGF 2 and Vakeel Saab feel their respective films have the X factor to pull the audience to the theaters again. They are opining that the Sankranthi holiday season will help their cause.

Rumors are rife that Vakeel Saab will be out on January 14th or 16th. There is no update on KGF 2’s release date as of now, but it might be releasing in the third week of January, meaning a direct clash in imminent.

KGF 2 and Vakeel Saab are regarded as two big-ticket films which will bring the audience back to the theaters post the Covid-19 turbulence.