KCR’s Urgent Meeting With PK: What’s Changing In Telangana Politics?

The political situation in Telangana has undergone a dramatic shift recently. Initially, the expectation was that BRS would come to power, despite possibly not securing as many seats as anticipated. However, this outlook changed suddenly due to ground-level internal survey reports that left KCR, the state’s leader, in a state of confusion.

There’s a buzz in Telangana politics regarding an emergency meeting in which the election strategist, Prashant Kishor (PK), was summoned to Hyderabad. This meeting took place after KCR’s abrupt visit to Pragati Bhavan, following the completion of the election campaign. Surveys conducted by reputable organizations have indicated a significant tilt towards the Congress, a development that initially wasn’t taken seriously by BRS’s top brass.

However, intelligence-driven surveys have revealed alarming facts, indicating Congress’s potential victory. This revelation has left party leaders sleepless, leading them to conclude that Prashant Kishor might be their only hope. Upon KCR’s swift order, PK was summoned to Hyderabad, where they engaged in a private discussion lasting three hours at Pragati Bhavan.

Prashant Kishor is well known for his strategic prowess, having contributed to the success of numerous political parties across various states. While BRS initially sought PK’s services, something seemed to have gone awry, prompting Prashant Kishor to withdraw support. Consequently, BRS initiated its own campaign. However, given the overwhelming wave of support for Congress in recent surveys, KCR’s meeting with PK signifies the urgency and seriousness with which they view the situation, hoping to turn the tide in their favor.