Kantara – Dalit group condemns ‘Daivardhane’ sequences


Dalit organizations have condemned the portrayal of Dalits in the super hit pan-India Kannada movie ‘Kantara.

Samatha Sainik Dal State Secretary Lolaksha has stated that the film has insulted Dalits. “The Dalit community has been shown in poor light,” he said, claiming that the “Daivaradhane” sequences in the movie are twisted.

He had also raised objections to the highlight of the movie, the last 20-minute climax.

Lolaksha stated that they will bring their objections to the notice of the film team first. If their objections are not taken seriously, they will initiate legal proceedings against the film team.

‘Kantara’ is the second pan-India superhit from the Kannada film industry after ‘KGF Chapter-2′.

The film was, however, mired in controversies as a band claimed one of the songs used in the movie was theirs and Kannada actor Chetan Ahimsa stated that “Daivaradhane” is not part of the Hindu religion as shown in the movie.