Is This Senior Heroine Married For The Third Time?

For the past few days, rumors about senior actress Jayasudha getting married for the third time have surfaced on the internet. Of late, Jayasudha was seen accompanied by a mystery man at every event or function she attended which lead to these rumors.

Not many know that Jayasudha married a businessman Kakarlapudi before she got hitched to Nithin Kapoor. Jayasudha and Rajendra Prasad got separated within a few months of their marriage due to some personal differences. Later she got married to Bollywood star hero Jetendra’s cousin Nithin Kapoor.

The couple is blessed with two sons and Jayasudha’s husband Nithin Kapoor died in 2017 by committing suicide. The 64-year-old actress who has been away from movies for some time has been undergoing treatment for health issues in America.

Though news about her third marriage has been going viral, Jayasudha hasn’t responded to them till date. She was seen with him at actor Ali’s daughter’s wedding event which occurred recently. Jayasudha is seen in Vijay’s Varasudu movie which was released today.