Is Samantha still irritating Naga Chaitanya?


Naga Chaitanya and Samantha were the most admired couples till a few months ago. The two who were in love had dated for a while before getting into wedlock. However, their happiness was short-lived, and got separated in October 2021 ending their four years of relationship.

After separation, Naga Chaitanya has been maintaining silence on the issue but Samantha has been targeting him and his family indirectly through her social media posts and interviews. In Samantha’s latest interview with Karan Johar, she made some controversial comments.

When Karan Johar said to tell about your husband Naga Chaitanya, she corrected saying ex-husband and also claimed that she was living in danger while she was with him. Naga Chaitanya who watched her interview recently was irked and seems to have torn off all the movie documents which he signed along with Samantha. It’s heard that he doesn’t want to hold any memories of Samantha and has been trying to avoid it.