Is Pradeep going to marry Politician’s Daughter…?

Is Pradeep going to marry Politician's Daughter...?

For the last few days, a rumor is widely spreading that Anchor Pradeep will tie a knot to a Politician Daughter, few people’s opinions are that it will be a love marriage and some others comment that it will be an arranged marriage.

There is always gossip about these young men of his marriage, and every time it is proved that it is not a fact and it remains a rumor.

Is Pradeep going to marry Politician’s Daughter…?

Few people who are in close contact with Pradeep revealed that he is not going to marry at this stage as he is going to release his first film, he is busy with his shootings and is not in a relationship with anyone.

However, Pradeep never reacted to these rumors or agreed over these. On the other hand, Pradeep officially maintained that he’s single and ready to mingle.