Is Madhavi Latha Dating Him?

Telugu actress and Telangana BJP leader Madhavi Latha has requested her followers to refrain from inquiring about her marriage for the next year. She stated that she is currently dating someone and needs time to understand him, as well as gain permission from both sets of parents, which is a lengthy process. Madhavi Latha added that it may take another year for everything to settle down, and she will inform her followers next year whether or not she plans to marry him.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, Madhavi Latha clarified that her partner is not a Telugu guy, despite her speaking with a Telangana accent, and that she has chosen someone who shares her Kshatriya Hindu beliefs. She urged her followers not to assume anything regarding her partner’s ethnicity or background.

Madhavi Latha has acted in several movies, including “Nachavule,” “Aravind 2,” and “Snehituda,” and she recently joined the Telangana BJP. Although she ran in the 2019 elections from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, she is now actively involved in Telangana politics.