Huge Cash Seized During Elections: What’s Happening?

The country is caught up in election fever as some states have recently voted while others are gearing up for elections. To ensure a smooth electoral process, the Election Commission is taking rigorous measures to prevent any disturbances. However, reports reveal an alarming trend of authorities seizing large sums of money and goods intended for distribution to influence voters.

The Election Commission of India disclosed that an astounding ₹1760 crores was seized from various states undergoing elections. This amount is seven times higher compared to previous elections. The seized items include cash, drugs, liquor, and precious metals, totaling a significant sum in Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Telangana.

Among the states undergoing polls, Telangana leads the list with ₹659.2 crore seized, including ₹225.25 crore in cash. Following closely behind is Rajasthan with ₹650.7 crores, then Madhya Pradesh (₹323.72 cr), Chhattisgarh (₹76.9 crore), and Mizoram (₹49.6 cr). To curb illicit practices, the Election Commission is collaborating with local authorities, conducting joint operations, and inspecting both election and regular vehicles.

As three states have completed their elections and two more are yet to vote, the tally of seized items might further escalate before the conclusion of elections in all five states. The continuous reports of authorities confiscating money, gold, and other items intended for influencing voters underscore the ongoing battle to ensure fair and unbiased elections across the country.