Hrithik Roshan In Shyam Singha Roy’s Remake?

Natural Star Nani is known for his different genre entertainers and versatile performances. He is getting ready to entertain with his upcoming film Shyam Singha Roy. The film directed by Rahul Sankartiyan is attracting the attention of all. Nani is romancing three hot beauties Sai Pallavi, Madonna Sebastian and Kriti Shetty in the film.

In the meantime, speculation is increasing that Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan will star in the remake of Shyam Singha Roy. When Nani was asked whether the film will release in Hindi and other languages, he surprised all saying “A script itself makes a Pan-India project. If the movie is good to appeal in all the languages. People will enjoy it even with subtitles. Yes, Shyam Singha Roy has the appeal to attract audiences of all languages,”

He then stunned all saying “We are not planning Hindi release for Shyam Singha Roy. But I am waiting for the release. Who knows? Even Hrithik Roshan may remake the film in Hindi,” Speaking about Shyam Singha Roy he added”We rarely get to see the films which take us into the story. Shyam Singha Roy is such a film that takes us into that world. We involve and experience Shyam as long as we are watching the film,”