Hippi – Review

Hippi – Review

Cast: Karthikeya, Digangana Suryavanshi, Jazba Singh, JD Chakrabvarthy

Music: Nivas K Prasanna

Director: TN Krishna

Producer: Kalaipuli S Thanu

Introduction: Karthikeya has come up with his second film after the success of his debut film RX100. Let’s see if he could continue the success or not.

Story: The hero Hippi Devdas (Karthikeya) is said to be in relation with a girl Sneha and falls for her friend Amuktha Malyada (Digangana Suryavanshi). He breaks up with the first one and pursues the other and after his ex-girlfriend gets married, Amukhta accepts his proposal and they both start their live-in relationship. How did their relationship goes forms the story?

Analysis: The film is a lousy attempt for a romantic film. The movie is full of double meaning dialogues, skin show from both the leads and nonsensical scenes. Films like RX100 and Arjun Reddy did well despite the overdose of intimate scenes because they carried strong emotion and gripping story and screenplay. But this film lacks any interesting elements and the director seems completely lost. There are many nonsensical scenes that test the patience of the audience and there is not a single trace of the story the film wanted to convey. Digangana did just okay when compared to the other heroine. Karthikeya seems obsessed to flaunt his six-pack abs almost the entire movie and he must be under the impression that he could score a hit with just his body and adult content. JD Chakravarthy’s role isn’t good either. The haphazard placement of songs and fights further adds to the irritation of the audience.

Technical aspects: Nivas’s music is mediocre. The editor could have edited almost half an hour of the movie. Production values are good. Better not discuss the director TN Krishna.

Finally: Hopeless Hippi.

Rating: 1/5