Hero Rajasekhar still in ICU

Hero Rajasekhar

Corona-infected hero Rajasekhar is still in the ICU. However, his health condition is stable. Doctors announced that there was no need to worry. The doctors announced that Rajasekhar was reacting to the treatment and that a team was constantly monitoring his health condition.

Hero Rajasekhar

Meanwhile, doctors announced that the treatment for Rajasekhar’s wife, who joined Corona at the same hospital, was over. She was discharged from the hospital today after testing negative for COVID-19

Rajasekhar himself broke the news that his wife  Jeevitha, daughters Shivani, and Shivatmika contacted Carona Virus. Both his daughters tested negative before Rajasekhar’s announcement.

Hospital sources say that Rajasekhar is also likely to recover in full health in a few days. If not for Carona, Rajasekhar should be on the set under the direction of Nilakantha. Shooting for the film was postponed due to an unexpected corona infection.