Controversies new favorite “Ilayathalapathy”

Starting with “Mersel”, our Tamil cinema’s’Illayathalapathy’ seems to have become controversy’s new favorite.  Be it dialogues against BJP in Mersel, news about his interest in Tamil Nadu politics, and now with characterization and scenes in “Sarkar” movie, Vijay who otherwise is known for his calm and silent attitude has stirred enough action. Tamil public is very attached or call it crazy about their political leaders as much as they are about their superstars.

The makers, Sun Pictures, are associated with the DMK party. Producer Kalanithi Maran is the grandson of late ex-CM M Karunanidhi. Did they use Cinema medium to make a mockery of late CM J Jayalalitha? There was no need to use her real name as one of the main negative characters in the film. There is also a reference to the distribution of household items to woo voters. Distribution of money, things to attract people to vote for a party is a known thing and not specific only to AIADMK. However, using the specific item that was distributed by Jayalalitha in the previous election could have been avoided.

Making meaningful movies that are closer to reality is great! Making movies to raise awareness is really appreciated! Superstars like Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan, Vishal and other actors supporting the movie makers and standing with the film fraternity shows unity and that is awesome! Requesting to not force film stars to instill political agenda among the public is righteous! At the same time, let us not force political agenda into filmmaking!

Creating unrest in any form is harmful. We anyway have our own nature doing enough damage in the form of rain/wind.