First Single ‘Yuddham Chey’ From ‘Jai Sena’ Released !!

Srikanth, Sunil in lead roles, Introducing Sri, Karthikeya, Abhiraam, Praveen, Hareesh Gowtham in other lead roles Director V Samudra is coming with ‘Jai Sena’. V Vijayalakshmi is presenting this film while V Sai Arunkumar is Producing in Siva Mahateja Films banner. Title, Motion Poster and Sunil Teaser of the film have garnered a very good response. The first song from the film, ‘Sena Jai Sena…Yuddham Chey’ is released on June 23rd at Prasad Lab, Hyderabad. B Gopal attended the event as chief guest and launched the song. Along with Actor Sunil, Director V Samudra, Co-Producer Sirish Reddy all other actors were present at the event. On this occasion, B Gopal said, ” I heartfully wish this film to become a Superhit. Along with six youngsters, Srikanth and Sunil did very good characters. This film will definitely become a Big Hit.” Actor Sunil said, ” I did a very good role in Samudra’s ‘Jai Sena’. Samudra garu looks after me even today like he took care of me while he was working as a co-director. I did the role of a police officer in this film. I act very seriously in the film. But, you all will laugh for my act. I have fewer dialogues and more action in this film. Srikanth anna did a very good role. In the past, T Krishna garu used to do films with very good messages. I have seen his ‘Repati Pourulu’ film. That film features four kids. Similarly, this film features four youngsters. The film came out very well. I watched the film while dubbing for my character. Everyone will like this film which has conveyed a very good message. Chandu has written very good dialogues for my character. When I don’t know about what to do, Chandu made me do comedy with my serious looks. I wish I get more roles with kind of dialogues in the future.” Preethi Sharma said, ” I am from Bengaluru. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to work in this film. Thanks to Samudra garu who looks after me like a daughter. Thanks to everyone who worked for this film for their support.” Neetu Gouda said, ” Samudra garu is a very good human being. Thanks for giving me such a good opportunity. Thanks to all for supporting me.” Praveen said, ” It is because of Samudra garu only, today we are standing on this stage. We seek your blessings and support for us.” Abhiram said, ” The title of the film gets a superb response. I am very happy receiving calls from many places and wished us. We are lucky to work with big artists for our first film. All of you will like the first song of ‘Jai Sena’ which is released today.” Karthikeya said, ” Title and Sunil gari teaser have received a terrific response. The first song which is released today will also receive similar response. Ravishankar garu has given superb music. This film has very good songs. Thanks to Sunil garu for supporting us onsets.” Hareesh Gowtham said, ” Thanks to Samudra garu for this opportunity. Title and Motion poster of the film got a terrific response. I believe our film will become very good success.” V Samudra said, ” First song of ‘Jai Sena’ is launched by my guruvu garu. Chandu penned this song. Every dialogue of Sunil Annayya is written by Chandu. Sunil annayya’s teaser is getting tremendous response. Teaser crossed 1 Million views within a single day. Co-producer Sirish Reddy is my right hand during the making of this film. He will become very good producer, financiar in the industry. Thanks to Sirish for his help. Desineni Srinu stands with me at all times for my film. I wish him a bright future. Title gets thumping response. All heroes fans appreciated the title. Especially the title recieved thunderous response from Pawan Kalyan fans. With such kind of support film will create a sensation. Pawan Kalyan Garu has waged a war for people with utmost honesty. His fans too stood with the film with the same kind of honesty. Success of Sunil Annayya’s teaser stands as a testament for their support towards ‘Jai Sena’. Thanks to all heroes fans who are making ‘Jai Sena’ a success at every step, especially Pawan Kalyan gari fans. Audio came out superbly. Lyrical video of ‘Jai Sena..’ song will be released very soon. Then we will release Visual Video of the song. Thanks to Ravishankar for giving such a terrific album. Vasu handled the camera for this film. He has worked for four films with me. Every artist and technician stand with me throughout the film. I Successfully completes the film with their support and gave me strength and confidence to make more films. I will make this film successful. Whenever we say about good human being, we say about Hero Superstar Krishna garu. Srikanth also a very good natured person like him. Usually we meet heroes one month, 10 days before the shoot. I met him one day before the shoot and he asked me to arrange the shoot the next day. Thanks to Srikanth Annayya. This film will inspire everyone about how our society should be. This is a thought provoking film for all political leaders and youth. I heartfully wish this film will become a huge hit and gives us a big success.” Writer Chandu said, ” Now-a-days we have many apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok… One day will come where everyone will download an app like ‘Jai Sena’ which is fighting for farmer. All fields in the society are running with profits. But, why the success rate of a farmer who produces food in not upto the mark. ‘Jai Sena’ supports and fights for farmer.” Srikanth, Sunil, Sri, Prudhvi, Praveen, Karthikeya, Abhiram, Harish Goutham, Ajay Ghosh, Madhu, Azad, Dhanraj, Venu, Chammak Chandra and Others
Dialogues: Thirumalasetty Suman, Parvathy Chand, Lyrics: Abhinay Srinu, SiraSri, Music: Ravishankar, Dance: Amma Rajasekhar, Ajay, Fights: Kanal Kannan, Nandu, Ravi Varma, Camera: Vasu, Co-Producers: P Sirish Reddy, Devineni Srinivas, Producer: V Sai Arunkumar, Story-Screenplay-Direction: V Samudra