Does This Hero Have Caste Feelings?

Tollywood actor Sai Dharam Tej, who is widely known in the industry, has a close friend and manager named Satish.

Satish, who had previously worked as a software engineer for a considerable period of time, transitioned into the role of Tej’s manager with his support. He also took on the responsibilities of a production manager.

With Satish’s industry connections and active involvement in film promotions, he played a significant role in the success of the movie “Virupaksha.” Many film celebrities have acknowledged his contributions in this regard.

Tej, who faced initial challenges in his career, has now established a strong presence in the market. Movies like “Chitralahari,” “Solo Batuke So Betteru,” “Pratiroju Pandage,” and “Republic” have gained immense popularity. “Virupaksha” even entered the prestigious hundred crore club.

Satish’s support has been crucial in achieving these successes, including aspects like story selection, project choices, production management, and effective publicity.

However, according to sources, the growing appreciation for Satish has raised concerns for some individuals within the Mega Camp due to caste-related reasons.

Reliable sources suggest that certain caste considerations may be influencing the situation.

Allegedly, Sai Dharam Tej has brought in someone from the Mega Camp to handle post-production work, despite Satish’s objections.

Tej is reported to have insisted that the decision was his to make. In response, Satish chose to step down from his managerial role.

Following this incident, Tej used harsh language towards Satish during a shoot, instructing him not to appear before him again. Consequently, Tej assigned the responsibility of his films to a relative within the Geetha compound.

Interestingly, this event takes place less than four years after Pawan Kalyan replaced Sarath Marar, who was overseeing his affairs, bringing attention once again to the topic of mega managers.

Although many celebrities claim not to harbor caste-based prejudices, reliable evidence suggests that such feelings stil persist within the industry.