Dil Raju’s strategy goes wrong

Tollywood’s leading producer ‘Dil’ Raju is known for his shrewdness. He has the reputation of being a good strategist and business skills as most of his ideas have never failed. With the audience preferring to watch the movies in OTTs following the exorbitant ticket rates, Dil Raju has decided not to hike the ticket prices for his movie F3. He expected the family audience to throng to the theaters. Though the movie opened with decent collections, the business is not as expected as the ticket rates are still high though they haven’t hiked.

Though the numbers are a bit decent in Andhra Pradesh, the movie isn’t doing great in Telangana. With Dil Raju selling the theatrical rights for a huge amount, it seems that the movie may fall short in recovering the theatrical deals. In one of those rare scenarios, Dil Raju’s strategy for F3 movie went terribly wrong. It’s high time the filmmakers to slash down the ticket prices or else theaters would soon become a thing of the past.