Did Trivikram Cheat Mahesh Babu For Pawan Kalyan?

Recently, Mahesh Babu released several posters featuring various stills from his upcoming movie “Guntur Karam”. Additionally, a small glimpse was also released to commemorate Superstar Krishna’s birthday. While Mahesh’s fans are generally pleased with these updates, trolls on social media are causing them distress.

This movie is directed by Trivikram, known for his exceptional dialogue writing and for creating unique atmospheres. Trivikram’s involvement adds a different dimension to the project, considering his meticulous approach to every aspect, including dialogues and ambiance.

However, some individuals have raised concerns that Trivikram might have compromised the quality of Mahesh’s movie due to his busy schedule, as he is currently involved in Pawan Kalyan’s films. Despite not being directly involved, Trivikram’s influence is often felt in the movies he collaborates on, particularly regarding dialogues and screenplay.

There are speculations about whether Trivikram may have made errors in Mahesh’s movie due to his busy schedule. Additionally, there are discussions about the release of a few stills from the film just for the sake of it. Some critics point out that all the stills feature Mahesh wearing the same shirt, which has generated mockery. Furthermore, there is talk about a dialogue related to the original title “Guntur Karam,” and trolls have emerged surrounding this aspect.

Overall, these are the current discussions and criticisms surrounding the latest updates on Mahesh’s upcoming movie.