Did Hero Srikanth Force Anitha Chowdary For Marriage..?

While there a rumors making rounds about hero Srikanth’s marital life, here comes another piece of news about the senior hero. Actress and TV host Anitha Chowdary made some interesting comments on Srikanth and how he forced her to accept the marriage.

Anitha Chowdary was a star TV presenter in the late 1990s and early 2000s. After she got married in the year 2005, she moved to the US and her budding film career came to an end. Anitha Chowdary’s role in the Chatrapathi movie was well appreciated and got her good recognition.

She married a friend of hers. Since he was an NRI, she had to move to the US. And he is actor Srikanth’s cousin. “When Srikanth first told me his cousin wants to marry me and that he had sought his parents’ approval for the same, I shouted asking how someone can make such an assertion without seeking my consent. A lot of arguments happened between us back then,” Anitha revealed in an interview.

As her mother was a single parent, and Anitha had the responsibility to look after her mother, she decided to remain single but got married after Krishna Chaitanya convinced her. Anitha Chowdary appeared in some of the super hit serials like Nanna, Kasturi, and Ruthuragalu.