“Committee Kurrollu” Teaser: Innocent Childhood Memories

Niharika Konidela’s upcoming film, “Committee Kurrollu,” has generated considerable buzz, promising a heartwarming and nostalgic journey for audiences. The project, now complete with shooting and currently in post-production, is slated for a worldwide theatrical release in August.

The makers are employing a unique and engaging promotional strategy, keeping fans on their toes with intriguing glimpses. Following the positive reception to the released songs, they have now unveiled a captivating teaser, effectively capturing the essence of childhood innocence.

The teaser transports viewers back to the carefree days of youth, showcasing the lead characters’ heartwarming memories: sharing idlis at a local eatery, splashing under a pump set, playing cricket, and celebrating festivals together. These scenes, beautifully filmed in exotic and natural locations, paint a picturesque backdrop for the film.

However, the teaser concludes with a poignant question, subtly hinting at the inevitable changes that accompany adolescence and the potential for friendships to shift. While the makers have kept the plot details under wraps, the teaser successfully delivers a taste of the youthful energy and heartwarming nostalgia that awaits moviegoers.

“Committee Kurrollu” boasts a talented cast of promising newcomers, including Sandeep Saroj, Yashwant Pendyala, Trinath Verma, Prasad Behara, Ishwar Rachiraju, Manikantha Parasu, Lokesh Kumar Parimi, Shyam Kalyan, Raghuvaran, Sivakumar Matta, Akshay Srinivas, Sharanya Suresh, Tejaswi Rao, Vishika, and Shanmuki Nagumanthri. This fresh ensemble is excited to make their debut under the banner of Pink Elephant Pictures.

Producer Niharika Konidela is thrilled to expand her company’s portfolio from web series and short films to feature films, collaborating with Sree Radha Damodar Studios for this venture. The film marks the directorial debut of Yadhu Vamsi, who brings a fresh and engaging storytelling approach to the screen. The dialogues are penned by the talented duo of Venkata Subhash Cheerla and Kondal Rao Addagalla.

Director Yadhu Vamsi views this film as a significant milestone in the evolution of Pink Elephant Pictures, promising a captivating and nostalgic cinematic experience for audiences.

Movie Name: Committee Kurrollu

Male Lead CAST

Sandeep saroj as Siva
Yaswanth Pendyala as Surya.
Eshwar Rachiraju as William
Trinadh Varma as Subbu
Prasad Behara as Peddodu
Manikanta Parasu as Chinnodu
Lokesh Kumar Parimi as Aathram
Shyam Kalyan as Ravi
Raghuvaran as Rambabu
Shiva Kumar Matta as British
Akshay Srinivas as Kishore

Female Lead Cast

Raadhya as Madhuri
Tejaswi Rao as Jyothi,Teena sravya as Sridevi
Vishika as Padma
Shanmukhi Nagumanthri as Fathima

Character Artists

1.Sai Kumar as Bujji
2.Goparaju Ramana as Venkat Rao
3.Balagam Jayaram as Chalapathi Rao
4.Sri Lakhsmi as Idly mama
4.Kancherapalem Kishore as Sattayya
5.Kittayya as Suranna
6.Ramana Bhargav as Sudhakar
7.Jabardasth Sathipandu as Ganapathi babai

Niharika Konidela – Presents
Pink Elephant Pictures LLP Associated with Shree Radha Domadar Studios

Director: Yadhu Vamsi
DOP: Raju Edurolu
Music Director Anudeep Dev
Production Designer: Pranay Naini
Editor: Anwar Ali
Fights : Vijay
Choreographer : JD Master
Dialogues: Venkata Subhash Cheerla, Kondal Rao Addagalla
Associate Dialogues: Kiran Kumar Sathyavolu
Executive Producer: Manyam Ramesh
PRO – Naidu Surendra Kumar – Phani Kandukuri (Beyond Media)
Producers: Padmaja Konidela & Jayalakshmi Adapaka