Chiranjeevi’s 20 minute sensation in Lucifer remake?

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is occupied with various distinctive type of projects. He is featured in Acharya and fixed up projects with Mohan Raja, Bobby, and Meher Ramesh. It is heard that Mohan Raja is coordinating the Lucifer remake.

The producers made a ton of changes in the first content to hoist the heroism of Chiranjeevi. It is heard that Mohan Lal’s Lucifer is additionally dubbed in Telugu and numerous people have already watched it. In the event that there is no change in the content of the remake, individuals won’t be intrigued.

Presently inside talk is the producers incorporated a flashback scene and the creators are preparing to shoot it in an excessive way in the scenery of an excellent set.

The flashback scene will be for 20 minutes and Chiranjeevi will show his force by establishing high-power action scenes. Chiranjeevi in the flashback will likewise be seen romancing a hot beauty. NVPrasad and Konidela Productions are creating the film in a lofty way

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