Chiranjeevi-Bobby’s project inspiration out

Chiranjeevi’s forthcoming movie is under the direction of Bobby. As per the rumours spreading on social media about the storyline and the role of Chiranjeevi in the movie, people’s expectations are increasing.

Meanwhile, Bobby while addressing journalists, said ‘ The relation between a fan and a star is the inspiration behind the story. Overall, Chiranjeevi is the inspiration for the entire story. Fans dream to see their hero introduced on screen in a powerful manner and whistle their hearts out in the theatres. I had such moments for long time”

Bobby said, ” These moments made me write a story seriously during the last two years. When I was narrating the story to Chiranjeevi for the first time, I had various feelings like anxiety, fear, and happiness. Chiranjeevi gave a green signal after one hour of narration. The film will be like what fans dream of. The film will be like how I used to whistle while watching Gharana Mogudu,Gang Leader, and Rowdy Alludu in theatres. The film’s regular shoot will start from Dasara”

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