Kangana: Is Ranbir a rapist, Deepika a psycho

Renowned actress Kangana Ranaut who romanced Prabhas in her Tollywood debut Ek Niranjan, attained stardom and won two national awards for her performances in Bollywood films. She is extremely vocal on various issues and of late she is airing her views quite boldly on the developments in Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide.

Kangana has been attacking star kids for the nepotism in Bollywood and blamed them for forcing Sushant to commit suicide. Now Kangana quested whether any one would dare to call Rabir Kapoor a rapist and Deepika Padukone a psycho.

Kangana said Ranbir Kapoor is a skirt chaser and always runs after beautiful girls and Deepika Padukone confessed that she has psychological problems. She said however the so called Bollywood fraternity will never dare to call Ranbir a rapist and Deepika a psycho.

She said however actors and actresses coming from remote places and with no filmi background donot have that privilege as the same Bollywood fraternity brand them as rapists and psychos.

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