Starring: Aadi Sai Kumar, Darshana Banik, Amani, Surya, Kaushal Manda, Prudhvi Raj, Satyam Rajesh, Thagubothu Ramesh, Shyam Krishnan

Director: Gb Krishna

Producers: Mahankali Diwakar

Music Director: Suresh Bobbili

Aadi Saikumar, the son of renowned actor and dubbing artist Saikumar has been trying hard to push luck and prove himself as a reliable hero. Though he tasted success initially with his first two films, none of his movies after that could leave an impact. Despite string of failures, he is able to get offers. The latest movie from Aadi is Black, which release with no expectations. Let’s see how it fares.


It’s the story of twins who hate each other. Aditya (Aadi Sai Kumar) and Arjun (Aadi Sai Kumar) are identical twins who share hate relationship with each other. Being upset with Aditya, Arjun finds his way and deserts his home. As the time goes by, Aditya becomes a cop. While he was on his night duty, a robbery and murder takes place, and Aditya is framed in the case. Did he really commit the crime or someone is behind this is the rest of the story.

 Plus Points:

Aadi Sai Kumar has done complete justice to both the roles he played. Right from dialogue delivery, and body language in the both the characters, Aadi has done a commendable job. Bigg Boss fame Kaushal’s role is quite effective. The twin brother track, their emotions, and characters linked to the twins are designed perfectly in the first half. The interval block is quite interesting.

Minus Points:

The movie’s theme has a lot to elevate but the director failed to use it properly and the screenplay is dull. He missed the taut screenplay which is required for a crime thriller. With not so engaging screenplay, the movie becomes a tedious watch.


On the whole, Black is a crime thriller with good but weak execution. Despite Aadi’s acting skills and a few interesting episodes, the movie is not up to the expectations and with F3 declared a hit already, it’s hard to attract the audience to the theaters.