Nani’s Dasara Fails To Create Buzz

Nani, who has been struggling for a hit for a long time, is all set to release his Pan-India movie “Dasara” on March 30th. However, the film has failed to create the buzz that is typically associated with a big- ticket release. Even the hashtag #Dasara is not trending on social media, which has raised concerns among fans and industry insiders alike.

Despite Nani’s efforts to promote the film through interviews and other appearances, it seems that the movie has not generated the level of interest that was expected from a Pan-India release. The lack of buzz around the movie is particularly surprising given Nani’s popularity and the fact that the film has been in the news for some time now.

One reason for the lack of buzz could be the absence of any major promotional campaigns or initiatives by the film’s producers. While Nani has been actively promoting the movie through interviews and other means, the lack of a strong marketing strategy may have contributed to the underwhelming response.

It is important to note that a lack of buzz around a film’s release does not necessarily mean that the movie will not perform well. There have been instances in the past where films that did not generate much pre- release buzz went on to become box-office hits. However, given the significance of “Dasara” as Nani’s first Pan-India release, the underwhelming response is cause for concern.

Directed by Srikanth Odela, the movie is a period drama set in the Singareni coal mines and Nani will be seen in a rugged role. Keerthy Suresh is playing the heroine and Saikumar will be seen in an important role in the movie.