Bigg Boss 4: These are the confirmed Top 5 Contestants!

Bigg Boss season 4 aired another family episode in the weekend episode yesterday. The show host Nagarjuna has given a task for the family members who came, they had to guess who they think are the probable top 5 contestants. This benefited the contestants as they have a fair understanding now of what is happening outside the house. But Avinash was haunted by misfortune as he lost the chance to reunite with his family. Nagarjuna is proudly announced that the show has received 9.5 crore votes this week which is highest for the entire season. 

The contestants were also given a task in order to win a chance to meet their family members. The task was Nagarjuna would pose a question and if the answer given is found satisfactory, he would allow the contestants to meet their family members. Harika, Monal, Akhil, Abhijeet, Sohel, Aariyana, Lasya could convince Nagarjuna with their answers and they a won a chance to meet their family members. Avinash’s answer wasn’t found satisfactory hence he lost the chance to meet his brother Ashok. 

Nagarjuna then ordered the three contestants, who received the lowest number of top 5 votes, to put their favourite items in the store room with this Lasya put her Son’s picture, Avinash his perfume and Monal gave away the bracelet. At the end of the episode, it was announced that Sohel is safe from this week’s elimination.