This Actress To Be A Part Of Bigg Boss Telugu?

Bigg Boss stands as one of Telugu television’s most popular shows, and anticipation builds as the forthcoming season prepares for a September launch. With the esteemed Akkineni Nagarjuna as its host.

A wave of celebrity names expected to participate in the show has emerged. The latest buzz suggests that the well-known character artist, Surekha Vani, will be a prominent contender this season. Adding an intriguing layer, reports indicate that her daughter, Suprita, an online sensation with a sizable social media following, might also partake in the show. Such a development would undoubtedly elevate the show’s already soaring popularity.

Surekha Vani and her daughter have carved their presence on Instagram, consistently sharing captivating glamour videos, which have garnered a respectable following on social media platforms.
There are whispers that, at the very least, one of them will undoubtedly grace the show, if not both. The unfolding events are sure to keep the audience hooked, with their participation holding the promise of something extraordinary.