Bigg Boss 4: Monal’s real character coming out, Akhil watching her from Secret Room!

Akhil went into the secret room in the tenth week on the Bigg Boss show. Bigg Boss created a drama amongst the contestants and said to say by consensus who they think will be an obstacle to their journey and who they think is aa strong contestant. After a long discussion, housemate came up with Akhil’s name With this, Akhil was sent out of the gate. However the members of the house thought that Akhil would be eliminated but he went into the secret room. 

He is watching everyone from the secret room especially Monal. He is getting know who and what her actual character is. Monal brought his name up stating he is strong contestant when asked by Bigg Boss. She cried out in disbelief when Akhil was sent out of the Bigg Boss house. She continued to cry for some time after Akhil’s departure. 

Later it is  seen that lying in the bedroom she was talking to a pillow and herself stating Akhil is number one, you are strong, What I did is correct right? Akhil observes all of this from the secret room. After sometime Monal sat down with Abhijeet and started chatting with him in the garden area. Monal, However did not say anything about Akhil here. But Akhil seemed to have been waiting for what Monal had to say. Akhil sarcastically commented stating he doesn’t understand her mood swings and her behaviour.