Rajamouli For Akhil’s New Movie?

Akhil faced a tough time after the disappointing response to his movie ‘Agent.’ The film didn’t do well in theaters or on streaming platforms. Because of this setback, the start of his next project has been delayed, creating a lot of interest in the industry.

His upcoming movie, tentatively named “Akhil 6,” backed by UV Creations, is set to begin filming around February or March next year. They’re being cautious, spending time perfecting the script and sorting out all the details.

Nagarjuna, busy with Bigg Boss 7, plans to hear the storyline in January before the script is finalized. This new film is expected to be Akhil’s most expensive project yet and is getting ready for a pan-India release.

Anil Kumar, associated with UV Creations, will make his directorial debut with this film. There are also reports that SS Rajamouli will oversee and present Akhil’s project.

Although it seems like they’re taking a long time to start filming, insiders suggest it’s worth it. The team is making sure everything is right to ensure Akhil gets a big hit this time. We should expect an official announcement about the movie soon.