Bigg Boss 4: Akhil becomes the target of trolls yet again!

The nomination process for the eleventh week on the Bigg Boss show was a big fuss. It looks like Akhil & Sohel already decided together and have deliberately targeted Harika and Abhijeet. The altercation between Abhijeet and Akhil in particular aired for almost a quarter of an hour. Akhil and Abhijeet engaged in an ugly fight arguing over each other’s game. Abhijeet can be seen asking Akhil not to be a critique of his game especially after returning from the secret room. Their heated argument also has a mention of their ages. While Abhijeet calls Akhil a ’25-year-old kid’ asking him to mind his game, the latter gives him a strong retort, too.  

In the process of Nomination Akhil has brought up Monal’s topic indirectly when questioned he tried covering it up as if it was not regarding Monal. We could also see Akhil mentioning that ‘He went into the secret room as a goat but came out as a lion’ and standing in front of them as a captain. But Netizens are trolling Akhil for his behaviour and attitude.  

We could also see Akhil mentioning multiple times about the “Goat – Lion” comments. While on the other hand we could see him crying like a kid and pleading the host Nagarjuna when it was told to him on the weekend episode that he is eliminated from the show and he would be let it into the Bigg Boss house to bid Good Bye to his friends. To the end of the argument Abhijeet commented stating it’s the Tiger that’s the victim not the goat. Netizens are hailing Abhijeet for giving a befitting reply to Akhil Sarthak and looks like Akhil (who claims himself to be the lion) has become a victim in the hands of trolls.