Bala’s version of Arjun Reddy facing stern criticism

It is known that acclaimed filmmaker Bala was initially at the helm for the Tamil remake of Arjun Reddy. However, the producers were dissatisfied with his work and scrapped up the entire film. The makers then bought Gireesaaya, who worked as an associate director for Arjun Reddy, on board for the Tamil remake. Titled Aditya Varma, this film hit the theaters last year and got a lukewarm response from the audience.

Interestingly, Bala’s version of Arjun Reddy is now available for streaming on a digital streaming platform called Simply South. Many of those who had watched this film are now regretting their choice.

As said by a large section of viewers, Bala’s version of Arjun Reddy remake is miserably poor and lacks even a wee bit of novelty.

Noted film critic, Baradwaj Rangan said, “Varmaa plays like “match highlights” for those who missed the actual game. Not a single frame is distinctive, or shows that a major filmmaker is behind this. You get the feeling Bala was forced to direct this with his hands tied.” This pretty much sums up the quality of the film.

Bala’s version of Arjun Reddy remake is facing stern criticism on social media. Many opine that Bala is nowhere near his best with this film.

The film has Dhruv Vikram in the lead role. E4 Entertainments bankrolled the project.

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