Demand Grows For Ban Of ‘Animal’ Movie

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has a track record of stirring controversy with his films, notably starting with the daring content of his debut, “Arjun Reddy.” Known for challenging societal norms, his upcoming release, “Animal,” has further fueled tensions. The trailer’s focus on toxic masculinity and excessive violence has sparked heated debates.

However, the latest uproar revolves around the repeated use of the ‘Swastika’ symbol in the film’s promotional materials, leading to accusations against Vanga. Critics accuse him of endorsing extremism and Nazi ideologies, while some feel he’s purposefully provoking outrage.

While supporters defend Vanga’s artistic freedom and label him a skilled filmmaker, others, especially those aligned with right-wing ideologies, are upset. They argue that the film portrays the Swastika, an important symbol in Hindu culture, in a negative light, and are urging action to halt the movie’s release.

Despite the initial noise, this controversy might inadvertently add to the anticipation surrounding ‘Animal.’ The unfolding response from Sandeep Reddy Vanga and the resolution of these controversies will shape the backdrop against which the movie eventually releases. Whether intentional or not, the film’s buzz continues to draw attention, creating an intriguing context for its debut.