Balakrishna Turning Swamiji?

Balakrishna turning Swamiji

Balakrishna is known as a spiritual person. He follows all traditions, rituals in a religious manner and even ensures that his films release on auspicious muhurat. Now shocking rumours are coming that Balakrishna is turning Swamiji. This is surprising all movie lovers are as Balakrishna is known for his high octane action entertainers. Balakrishna is currently getting ready to show his power as Akhandha. The film directed by Boyapati Srinu is carrying a huge buzz as The duo earlier scored blockbusters in tilms like Simhaa and Legend.

It is known that Balakrishna also lined up his next with Gopichand Malineni. Balakrishna is playing dual role in the film and the buzz is Balakrishna in one role will surprise in the role of a Swamiji. Balakrishna’s project with Gopichand Malineni is a highoctane action entertainer and has Rayalaseema and Karnataka border backdrop.Rumours have it that the film will be titled as Jai Balayya.

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