Amma Rajasekhar bad mouths Nithin

Amma Rajasekhar, the veteran choreographer has directed a few movies and except for Gopichand’s Ranam, none made any impact. He even turned artist in a few movies and with luck not on his side, Amma Rajasekhar got busier with reality shows like ‘Bigg Boss’.

The choreographer-turned-director has recently made some negative comments on actor Nithin. He said that it was he who gave Nithin life by teaching him dance and now Nithin started ignoring him. The issue erupted when Nithin failed to make it to the pre-release event of Amma Rajasekhar’s movie.

It was said that Nithin has already informed Amma Rajasekhar that he cannot make due to the busy schedule for his next movie Macherla Niyojakavargam. The netizens are trolling Amma Rajasekhar as it was Nithin who gave him chance to director but he delivered a dud like Takkari. Fans are also blaming Amma Rajasekhar for criticizing Nithin instead of thanking him for giving an opportunity.