Allu Arjun’s Army Comes To Support NTR

Though Allu Arjun was initially considered as a ‘Mega’ hero, he created his own identity and distanced himself from the ‘Mega’ tag. He even sparked a controversy when he refused to chant Pawan Kalyan’s name in a movie event.

Though Allu Arjun expresses that he has always had admiration for Chiranjeevi, he asserts his pride lies in his army, stating that having fans is natural for a hero, but he personally has an army. However, coming to the real matter, Allu Arjun’s army has extended its support to Junior NTR. It seems to be a clash between Balayya’s fans and Junior NTR’s followers on social media.

Balayya’s fans are backing Ram Charan, while Junior NTR receives support from Allu Arjun’s army. This unexpected twist brings Ram Charan into the picture. What has Ram Charan done to upset the balance? Somebody is giving crucial orders behind the scenes that may destabilize the army.