Actress Anjali Opens Up In Kissing Scenes

There was a time when even the slightest intimate scenes in films created all the rage. Back then, the audience was uncomfortable with such scenes and so there were hardly any bold scenes in Indian movies. But as time passed, the Indian film industry evolved and with it, the audience hardly felt uncomfortable.

The Indian film industry especially the Hindi film industry has now entered a new era of love and romance. From two flowers coming close to each other, we now see celebrities locking lips on-screen to display their romance.

Aping the Bollywood, the southern movie industries have made it compulsory to have a lip lock or intimate kissing scene in the movies. Though many heroines are a game for it, some heroines are still uncomfortable but accepted to do such roles forcibly.

Talented actress Anjali who is famous in Telugu and Tamil shared her experience during kissing scenes. In one of her recent media interactions, she was asked about her opinion of being a part of kissing scenes. “Sometimes, we have to act solo while doing kissing scenes and romantic scenes they will take her solo close-ups in such a situation we only see the camera but no one else. It is difficult sometimes those scenes come out well only if the hero is in front of me.” Said Anjali.

Actress Anjali had some decent hits in Telugu, but couldn’t make it big and hit the league of star heroines in Telugu. However, her career in Tamil is better than in Telugu.