Actress and Politician Vijayashanti Fires On Venkatesh

Senior star actress and politician Vijaya Shanthi has strongly criticized Rana Naidu, the Telugu OTT series starring Rana and Venkatesh, which has been accused of promoting inappropriate content. Vijaya Shanthi called for censorship of such series and urged content creators to be mindful of the sentiments of women.

She further emphasized that the actors and producers have a responsibility toward the audience and should not promote content that sends the wrong signals to the youth. The presence of Venkatesh and Rana in Rana Naidu, despite its adult content, has generated considerable interest among viewers, resulting in record-breaking views.

However, Vijaya Shanthi’s remarks suggest that such success should not come at the cost of promoting content that could have negative effects on young audiences. It is important to respect the sentiments of women and avoid portraying inappropriate content in web series and other shows.