Actor Chiranjeevi should follow Quarantine Rules!

Corona has shattered the lives of people. If you want to step out, you have to trade. Corona has infected the common people and celebrities alike. A few days ago, megastar Chiranjeevi was shocked to learn that Corona was positive. Fans were alarmed when Chiranjeevi himself announced that he had been infected with Corona and Prayed for a speedy recovery. 

Chiranjeevi, who was in the quarantine for four days for fear of corona infection, underwent tests at three places as he did not show any symptoms. The doctors confirmed that he had got negative in all the three tests and that he had got positive before due to the defective kit. Many celebrities as well as fans were delighted with the good news. However, on the day of Diwali Chiru met his teacher Director K.Vishwanath. The photos taken with him were shared on social media. 

Dr. Srinivasa Rao, Director, Telangana Medical Health Department, objected the same stating he had to stay in the quarantine for a few days after the result came negative. According to the ICMR rules, this must be followed. No corona test can give a one hundred percent accurate result. If it is positive, it should be considered positive. Srinivasa Rao said that one should stay in the quarantine for some time even if the test results say negative and even if there are no symptoms and take proper care of oneself. The twist given by Srinivasa Rao came as a shock to the fans at a time when everyone expected Chiru to join the Acharya shoot.