YS.Jagan vs Modi mind games: who will win ?

Jagan meets Modi .. Is a key announcement coming ..?

Since the last couple of years, speculation has been on whether there is a secret pact between YS. Jagan and PM Modi after the elections. The actions of both the parties and their top leaders sent the same signals.

Jagan vs Modi .. mind games ..?

Many felt that Modi and Amit Shah are supporting Jagan to get the numbers in the Rajya Sabha. But at times, sparks flew between the two parties. Reports came that Modi and Shah are planning operation Kamal to topple Jagan.

Modi’s recent address after inaugurating the anti vigilance and corruption meet organised by CBI spoke about corruption and especially corruption practised by family parties based on generation politics.

YS. Jagan has many corruption cases against him but he has huge popularity among masses. Both Jagan and Modi are known for wily politicians good at playing mind games but now the question is who will emerge the victor.