Top 5 best cars for Indian roads

best cars for indian roads 2020

People are fascinated with cars and they have a particular brand in mind or get carried away what peers and family members suggest or what they see in commercials.But as per the survey here are the top 5 best cars for Indian roads.

best cars for indian roads 2020

Renault KWID

KWID is the best designed car in small cars section. It set a trend of micro SUVs getting inspired by the larger SUVs. KWID cushions against the broken patches of the road or even when road is not there and also against the speed brakers. IT is awailable in 800cc or a 1.0 litre engine.

Its price range is 2.94 to 5.07 lakhs and gives mileage upto 25.17 kmpl.

Renault Triber

Renault seems to have mastered the set up of the indian roads and is coming with various models to cater to the needs of the customers. Triber has the looks of Rikks Royce Pantom and is affortable with seven seats and has the proximity door unlock, rear AV cents, push button start and a cooled central glove box. It offers verstility for people from their existing cars. It has AMT transmission and a turbo charged 1 litre engine.

It comes with a price tag in between 4.99-7.22 lakh and offers mileage upto 20kmpl.

Maruti Dzire

Maruti Dzire is the undisputed ing of sub 4 metre sedanes. It offers various comfort levels and also provices balanced suspension. It offers cushion against bad roads and also is stable down a windy road or at higher speeds. The suspension is perfect and people apperciate while riding at higher speeds on the highway. It has the practicality and space and is easy to park in the garage.

it comes with the price range of 5.89 -8.8 lakh and offers the mileage of 24.12kmpl.

Renault Duster

Duster ofers the best ride in the quality cars priced under Rs 10 lakh. It has the setup suspension for Indian roads. It is not in production anymore but still it works on all speedbreakers and potholes. It can even offer cushion against bushes and small rocks. Duster would have made a modern day SUV swear but for the ergonomic issues and outdated cabin.

It comes with the price range of 8.49-13.59 lakhs and offers mileage of 17kmpl.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic offers the best suspension for sporty handling. Civic is the best preferred car and is the fasters FWD car at the Nurburgring circuit in April 2017. It has a telepathic steering and people know how the car will behave on the twisty roads. Even at fast speeds, sleeping baby in the backseat will not wakeup during speedbreakers. It has taken care of the ground clearance troubles.

It comes with the price tag of 17.93 -22.34 and comes with the mileage of 23.9 KMpl.