Video of the Day, Malayali Tea in Times of Disaster

A Paean to Kerala’s Tea Man

Rain or shine, the spirit of Malayalis never dies.

One of the important traits of culture of Malayalis is their love for tea. Whether it is early in the morning, after the breakfast or before the breakfast, or even before or after dinner, after a long journey, or after a day’s long work, tea is the pick me-up for Keralites.

In fact the proverbial Malayali tea shop, which you can spot in every nook and corner of India, is one of the reasons for the spread of tea drinking culture in the country, and eventual growth in Tea economy.

Whenever there is nip in the air with clouds scudding across the skies, which create perfecting setting for the arrival of  steaming cup of  tea,  people like me love to rush to nearby  Kaka hotel which serves Kerala tea.

Tea making and tea selling is synonymous with Kerala migration culture.

The spirit of Kerala tea never dies, come what may.

Watch the video you would instantly fall in love with the Kerala common man’s undying enterprise.