Sumanth’s next film!

Sumanth’s next film is going to be produced by prominent character actor/producer DS Rao, who earlier bank rolled hits with Nani, Nikhil, and Nithin. Debutant Santhosh Kumar is the writer/director of this action drama, which will be made under Sanjana Productions and Sai Krishna Productions. P. Jagan Mohan Rao and DS Rao are the producers. Simrat is cast as the heroine for the project. Sumanth will be seen in a completely new shade/get up in thi s feature. Songs are by Yajamanya, and cinematography is by Ashkar.
“People are never born good or evil, but are purely a victim of their surrounding circumstances” is the crux of this film, says the director. The shoot will begin this coming June. The remaining cast and crew are to be announced shortly.