When a Tollywood actress turned furious on VV Vinayak

Director VV Vinayak may not be active as a director at the moment, but he was the leading director in Tollywood from the early 2000s to the 2010s. The director who made his debut with the sensational hit Aadi has delivered many super hits like Tagore, Adhurs, Krishna, Lakshmi, and Naayak.

After the massive success of Aadi with NTR, Vinayak was busy picking the artists for his second movie Chennakeshava Reddy with Balakrishna. He was in search of Balakrishna’s sister’s role and approached actress Laya for the role.

Laya, who was doing as a heroine back then, has turned furious at the director saying why can’t Telugu heroines will be picked as heroines and offer only the second fiddle or sister roles. Vinayak was clueless about her question and later approached Devayani who gave the nod immediately.

An out-and-out action movie Chennakeshava Reddy which was released amidst huge expectations did not fare well at the box office.