Jagan’s actions increasing Tsunami scare

AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is shocking all with his aggressive actions. The massive mandate he got from the people which handed a crushing defeat to TDP and its chief Chandra Babu Naidu, left no opposition to the ruling YSRCP government.

He is having his way in all situations. Be it the formation of three capitals, shifting of capital to Visakhapatnam, having local elections shunting the state election commissioner, dealing with coronavirus, a gas leak in LG Polymers. But many feel that his unilateral actions are increasing tsunami scare for Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh has a huge coastal line and any blunder in strategies will prove detrimental to the entire state. In Kakinada, to allocate houses to the poor, Jagan’s government created plots by covering the 200 years old Upputeru and also cutting the mangroves in the Mada forest. In fact, fishermen used to go fishing via this Upputeru. Now that Upputeru is closed, their livelihood is lost.
It is known that mangroves and forests protect during cyclones and typhoons. Cutting of the mangroves and forests will turn Kakinada into a tsunami-prone. Jagan’s government is going ahead despite NGT served notices and directed the government to stop the operations.
People of Visakhapatnam are also getting scared as Jagan with his capital plans may act in a similar manner. People of Vizag still cannot get over from the horrors of Hudhud cyclone.